Tornado is cyclick water ride. it give sensational fell with full of Thrill and fun.

Required Instruction

  • Maximum Oprerational Load 2 Persons one Individul of 65 kg Maximum. Wait Until The Landing Area Is Clear Before Entering The Slide.

    Step Into Ride Carefully. No Jumping And Diving. Sit In The Raft Fully Seated With Back Againest Tube, Holding Handles With Both Hands.

    Don't Attempt To Stop The Slide.Never Form Chains

    Keep Arms & Hands Inside The Frame At All Times. DO Not Try To Stop The Raft.

    Heart & B.P Patient , Pregnant Woman, Other Injurise Are Not Allowed

    CAUTION : For Seftey Reasons Pregnant Women & Person With Heart Conditions Or Back Trouble Should Not Ride This Slide.

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